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      AMERICA, 1902.  As mighty white horses came thundering down the street, excitement, color and sound greeted those who stopped in their tracks to watch the steam fire engine racing to a fire---bells clanging, whistles blowing and smoke billowing from this historical classic. This colorful documentary is about the discovery, resurrection and restoration of a 1902 American Steam Fire Engine. In 1991, recessed in the shadows of an old barn in Fallbrook, CA. one of these pioneer fire engines was found. The journey that followed is inspirational and amazing. From some of the most unlikely sources, piece by piece, this American Icon was brought back to life.
      Whether it’s learning about rich firefighting history, listening to team anecdotes, watching the steamer pump water, or enjoying Blaze the fire dog and powerful horse teams, this DVD is bound to keep your interest.
      Known as "The American", this fire engine is an American treasure.  From its glorious origins as Engine No.1 in Reno, Nevada in 1902 to its remarkable resurrection, this fascinating, true story is captivating from start to finish!
      Today, the steamer represents the best of us...the best of America.

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