Christmas Major

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Colorfully illustrated, this heartwarming story tells about an abandoned orphan and a spirited draft horse coming together to save lives and care for others. Readers will learn about the exciting world of fire horses, and travel back in time to the early 1900s when these mighty animals were so dedicated and loyal that they would obediently pull huge fire wagons straight towards their greatest fear—the perilous ravages of fire! Learn how a young colt destined for life as a plow horse, through a twist of fate, becomes one of these incredible heroes!

Filled with many historical facts, and over 75 watercolor illustrations, this fictional story promises to be rewarding for all those who love Christmas, people, horses, dogs, and the excitement and drama of early firefighting.

Despite the book’s young adult target audience, adults who have read this delightful tale have made such comments as: “I simply couldn’t put this book down until I reached the end,” and have also shared that they are adding copies to their gift-giving list

CHRISTMAS MAJOR is much more than a Christmas story.  It’s an engaging adventure about character, loyalty, compassion, firefighting and the magical bond between humans and animals and is bound to become another Christmas Classic!

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